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    Specialized in activated carbon since 2002

    Yihuan Carbon manufactures and supply high performance activated carbon for super capacitor. The company offer YEC-8 and YEC-200 YEC-150 series activated carbon for super capacitor and YEC100 for lead-carbon battery.


    "YEC" is a trademark or a registered trademark of "FUZHOU YIHUAN CARBON CO.,LTD" in CHINA

  • Products

    Beside the super capacitor carbon, we also can supply with wood based activated carbon and coconut activated carbon

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    Carbon for Super Capacitor

    High Surface area and high performance

    Super Capacitor as the next generation of energy storage and are expanding their application to various fields.The YEC carbon's greatest advantage is high surface area and optimal pore size distribution

    Carbon Material as Catalysts

    Specification can be custom upon your requirement

    Due to the large surface area and high hardness activated carbon is indeed as a catalyst in its own right, for example, use in glyphosate or in ammonia synthesis

    Wood Based Activated Carbon

    Specification can be custom upon your requirement

    We can supply with many types of wood based activated carbon including use for sugar refining application water treatment and solvent recovery

    Coconut Based Activated Carbon

    Specification can be custom upon your requirement

    We can supply with coconut activated carbon in 2 appearance:Powdered and granule please feel free to contact us with your specification demand

  • Collaborative and Partnership

    Activated Carbon R&D Service

    In order to significantly reducing time to market and saving cost, Yihuan help you to research and development the right activated carbon material.This step dramatically lower risk and helping you with innovative product development.

    Process of the Service:

    1.Technical feasibility analysis

    The clients come up with detail requirement of activated carbon spec, Yihuan working on the technical feasibility analysis and give feedback and discuss with you about funds and schedule.

    2.Research Phase

    Yihuan start to research activated carbon material based on the plan including detail record the experiment data and the project progress.

    3.Pilot Test and Production

    Yihuan Make the production plan, Q&C process and offer sample to clients

    4.Project Conclusion

    Clients test the sample, If sample passed. Yihuan will supply this unique activated carbon material to you.


  • Si/Graphene


    硅墨 Si/Graphene Materials

    “硅墨” is a Si/Graphene composite for the application of anode materials for lithium battery, now we are in the phase of lab research and we achieved the good test result.


    More information in Chinese, please visit: www.graphene-supplier.com

  • Graphenea S.A

    Graphenea S.A Distributor in China

    We glad to announced that Fuzhou Yihuan Carbon Co., Ltd to be a partner with Graphenea S.A, Graphenea, a technology company set up in 2010, is one of Europe’s main producers of graphene. In 2013 the company received an investment from Repsol to boost its technological capacity, support its growth as a business and enable it to maintain its international lead within the emerging graphene production sector. Yihuan Carbon will distribute the Grpahenea's products in China and help Graphenea to expand markets in China.

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